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Ready For An Altered Story?

What is God's Will for My life?

Why Am I here?

Am I doing enough?

Am I doing the right things?

What step should I take, next?

Are you worried you might be
missing out
on God’s best for your life?

purpose-driven guidance and a supportive community
can help you avoid:

*Decreased Confidence

*Anxiety & Worry

*Confusion & Regret

*Lack of Meaning

*Lost Opportunities

*Wasted Efforts

We connect and equip a Sisterhood
of everyday Christian Leaders to pursue God’s purposes with greater intention. Are you ready to enjoy a more meaningful and fulfilling life?


christians living with purpose

Your Purpose Guide

Hello! I’m Cristi Schroeder. I’m a multi-passionate pastor’s wife, social impact entrepreneur, community builder and lover of all things meaningful and fulfilling!

I’ve spent loads of time and energy discovering how to move forward, faster, in the direction of God’s purposes! And, my greatest joy is to help other Leading Ladies do the same. 

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The truth is, each one of us must seek God’s direction in life. And, that takes intention. Only He knows the plans He has for you. 

But, having someone who’s navigated similar paths can be a life-saver! And, it can save you loads of time and frustration.

I love to share what’s helped me to experience a more abundant life, as I’ve pursued God’s purposes.

I believe that even busy, overwhelmed, “nearing-burnout” leaders can experience a transformation that leads them to experience the life of their dreams.

And, for women who are in transition or wondering what is next for them?  Well, the benefits you’ll find inside the Sisterhood will reignite the fires of purpose and joy like never before!

We would love to welcome you to an Altered Story

Connect with other influential women from various backgrounds, organizations and industries to discover and pursue God’s purposes within a supportive community.

Our Sisterhood includes action-oriented,  ready-to-stop-doing-it-alone,  beautifully imperfect, everyday women like you.

If you are a leader eager to be intentional about making a difference,
YOU belong here!


Connecting Leaders
For God’s Purposes

We provide resources and community so you can:
*Experience personal transformation to help you reach your potential

*Fulfill God’s purposes so you can make a genuine difference in our world
*Grow healthier, more meaningful relationships inside and outside the Sisterhood

Finding and connecting with other Christian leaders has never been more convenient or easy!

Here’s what you do:

1. Choose a Membership Plan
(World Changers Mastermind OR
Sisterhood Membership)

2. Click “Join Today”

3. Start connecting with your Sisters!

 Sisterhood Membership

Experience transformation as you grow spiritually, personally, and relationally —every single month— while making a greater difference in your world.

Receive the tools and resources you need to pursue God’s best, month after month!

Enjoy authentic connections with other everyday Christian leaders inside our private membership group
(we have our own app- OFF Facebook!).

Share live conversations during our monthly Sisterhood zoom meetings where we talk about issues and topics you care about, followed by an optional “after party” to grow friendships.

You belong here!


World Changers Mastermind

Yes! We really believe that as you transform your own life, you can change our world!

And, if you are serious about making the most of your one life, this is your opportunity for true accountability! Receive more personalized attention and guidance to truly chase your dreams during monthly mastermind meetings with Cristi and a small group of other leaders.

Utilize our special tools, month after month for different personal, professional, spiritual, relational or impact goals! You decide what to focus on.

Ask questions, receive feedback and share in best practices. This kind of extra support, all throughout the month, is sure to propel you towards your goals, more effectively.

And, of course, you’ll have access to everything inside the Sisterhood membership, too!


7 Mistakes To Avoid When Seeking
God's Will

And what Christian leaders should do INSTEAD... so you don't have to look back in:

* 1 year and find yourself stuck in the same place

* 5 years and wonder, "What was it all for?"

* 10 years and question what might have been

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    What You’ve Been Dreaming About

    “I joined Altered Story Sisterhood because I thought it was a place I could belong to; somewhere I could have a voice and hear other voices.”

    “I’m drawn to the other leaders in the group because I can really relate to what they say. And, I always benefit from the women who share about spiritual things. It’s neat to be involved with a group of women who lead in various areas.”

    “I would never have had the opportunity to meet all these women without the Sisterhood. What an amazing experience!”

    What’s keeping you from
    God’s purposes?

    What’s hindering you from making more meaningful connections with other women who lead?

    I’d love to hear from you!

    Cristi Schroeder
    Social Impact Entrepreneur &
    Pastor’s Wife