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Even leaders question God's direction for their ministry, business, personal lives and more.
Join our 5 Day Challenge to find the answers you've been searching for.

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    Cristi Schroeder

    Altered Story

    It's Time To Get Intentional

    As a leader, you support those around you. You offer direction. You give advice. You provide the answers.

    But now, YOU need some answers. What should you do, next? Can't God just answer you with a "Yes" or "No"?

    It's time for you to find your answer!

    Join Altered Story's 5 Day Challenge to discover God's will. By getting in on our step-by-step, day-by-day guidance, you'll be on your way to finding the answers you are looking for! In fact, we believe you'll have an answer in 5 days!

    How Does It Work?

    For 5 days, we'll provide one simple action idea (Purpose Prompt), sure to help you determine God's direction regarding a question you have about His will. These small steps can lead to big results!

    COMMUNITY SUPPORT: If you are the kind of woman who thinks everything is much more fun, together, then make sure to get involved in our free community. Meet new friends, learn from each other and cheer each other on in your purpose pursuits!

    God is eager for you to seek His will. He will be faithful to show you the way.