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Pursue God’s Calling With Clarity

Once Upon A Time…

Long before Altered Story started offering a community for purpose-driven Christian women, stories were changing!

After obeying God’s call to travel to Eastern Europe to learn about human trafficking, Cristi Schroeder returned home in 2009 and invited God to use her, for the effort, in any way He wanted. 

Altered Story began when Cristi transformed vintage books into home decor and other goodies to sell on Etsy, art fairs, etc. Her goal was to alter those ink & paper stories to change the real-life stories of trafficking victims by raising awareness and giving back a % of profits. 

Using her interests, talents, skills and connections for something that mattered brought Cristi such joy and peace and increased confidence to make a bigger and bigger impact on the world! 


Cristi experienced amazing transformation in every area of life… simply because she was living for God’s purposes!  She decided it was time to connect and equip other Christian leaders to go after God’s purposes with greater intention, too! Helping women enjoy a more meaningful and fulfilling life is now her biggest passion.

Now, through membership and mastermind experiences, Christian women are  transforming their own stories and impacting the lives of others in their own unique ways!

Leading Ladies are experiencing spiritual maturity, personal growth, relational health and meaningful impact… alongside a Sisterhood of women who are intentional about pursuing God’s purposes, each and every day! We help women like you begin your “happily ever after!”

Meet Cristi Schroeder
AKA: Your Purpose Guide

Pastors Wife – I’ve been blessed to serve in Christian ministry alongside my husband for 20+ years. As leaders in the Assemblies of God, we believe the Holy Bible is the infallible word of God and we love Jesus and His Church! When Jesus-loving Christians of various backgrounds & denominations come together, He is glorified!

Social Impact Entrepreneur – Quitting my “safe” day job to pursue my dream of mobilizing Christian women to live for God’s purposes was a pivotal moment in my story! I know that what I’ve learned can help you as you pursue new things, too!

Abolitionist – The reason I began Altered Story was to help raise funds for the anti-trafficking cause. I started out crafting home decor and other goodies out of vintage books, changing those stories to alter the stories of trafficking victims.  Now, Altered Story’s focus is to help you alter YOUR story so you can make your own difference in the world! I encourage your involvement in causes you care about as I continue to raise awareness and funds to end modern day slavery.

Author – My big dream has always been to be a writer.  So, as I encourage YOU to learn new skills and grow abilities that will help you reach your dreams, I practice writing. All the content I create is geared to help you transform your life to change this world. And, just maybe, some of those words will fill the pages of a published book, someday!

Artist – If you hang around me long enough, you will likely see some of my mixed media paintings. I don’t sell my creations at art fairs, anymore. But, I love to use creativity in my own life. It’s fun to offer creative ways for you to discover God’s best for you! 

Adventurer – While I don’t climb mountains or deep sea dive, I enjoy an exciting life for Jesus! I choose to live beyond my comfort zone by inviting God to take the lead in my story. It can be scary, but it’s worth it to make this one life truly matter for eternity!

My belief is that you are the Leading Lady of your own story. I’m here to help you make the most of it by pursuing God’s purposes through relationships. I’d love to guide you along your Path to Purpose so you can enjoy a more meaningful and fulfilling life! Let’s alter our stories to change the world!


What Do Leading Ladies Say About Cristi?

“I’m truly thankful for her support as we reach for God’s purposes.”

“Her work has been life-changing!”

“I’m always so encouraged when I talk with Cristi.”

“Why be in the Sisterhood?! Ummm… CRISTI!”