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Ready For An Altered Story?

We would love to welcome new Sisters into our world-changing group!

Women who make the best fit are:

Who might love to be equipped by our creative resources and connected to other Leading Ladies who are passionate about pursuing God’s best?

Allow us to reward YOU for inviting her!

After her second month’s subscription clears, we’d like to send you the amount of her first month’s payment! (60 days after her sign up)

This can happen automatically if you have a PayPal business account or we can manually get you a reimbursement to your personal account (just let us know it’s time for your reward, 60 days after her sign up).

There is no limit to how many referrals you can make, or how many affiliate payouts we reward you with. We just ask that you only refer purpose-driven women ready to transform their lives so they can make a bigger difference in our world!

Check our FAQ page for more details about who is right for the Sisterhood.

Email Cristi at purpose@alteredstory.com to sign up as an affiliate, today!

Mobilizing Christian women to change the world is such fun! 

Please note: reimbursement amounts depend on the plan our new Sister chooses.