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Pursue God’s Calling With Clarity

Is God calling you to something new?

Personal Life Coaching

Hello! I’m Cristi Schroeder. I help ambitious, independent Christian women navigate seasons of change in their calling with clarity and confidence.

You’ve only got ONE LIFE STORY.

Move from confusion about God’s calling to clarity about His perfect will so you can navigate every season of change with godly confidence, strengthening joy & peace that passes understanding.

Transition into new roles without second guessing your decisions

Reignite your passion so you can pour your heart and soul into things that truly mean something

Pursue a clear vision for your future based on Scriptural truths and personal desires

Become the woman you always dreamed you could be

Spiritual Maturity

Personal effort has brought you far, but you are worn out from self-reliance. You are ready to truly trust in Jesus as Lord.

It’s time
to grow in God.

Personal Development

You wish you could be different. Better.  But, it’s so hard to change in meaningful, lasting ways.

It’s time
to transform.

Relational Health

You are tired of figuring things out by yourself, but it’s difficult to find reliable, reciprocal support.

It’s time
to become invitational.

Meaningful Impact

You want your life to matter, but you wonder if you are truly making a difference.

It’s time
to change the world.

What Is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a collaborative process in which a trained wellness professional helps people make progress in their lives through teaching, conversations and strategies sure to help people attain greater fulfillment.

Coaching with Altered Story will help you clarify God’s unique calling for your life and identify a plan to pursue Jesus and His will, based on Scripture and who God created you to be.

Who is coaching for?

Altered Story’s highbred coaching program  is laser-focused on helping ambitious, highly motivated Christian women.  

We don’t waste time on things that aren’t going to move you and your story forward.  

Are you ready to grow in relationship with God, self and others so you can live with greater purpose? 

You are exactly the kind of lady we’d love to equip to confidently pursue God’s calling for your life with comforting clarity

How can coaching help me?

We’ll work through a step-by-step process 👣 to clarify your goals and come up with strategies for pursuing God’s call and achieving your dreams.  We’ll also identify the obstacles holding you back and create strategies to help you overcome them. 

In creating these strategies, we will target your unique skills, gifts and resources-including the people in your life.   We’ll help you to compassionately address your struggles and amplify your strengths for effectiveness.  You’ll receive the support you need so you can achieve long-lasting transformation. 

PLUS, by the end of our time together, you’ll create a personalized life plan based on all you discover.  Refer to this “Plot Twist Playbook” for every major life decision and transition! No more confusion about what to do! 

What will we be doing, exactly?

Every other week, you’ll watch short, pre-recorded video teachings, at your convenience. Immediately, through independent study, you can implement what you learn by using Purpose Pages (pdf exercises,  journaling prompts and creative activities to personalize your journey and help you find the answers you seek). 

Bi-weekly, (when you aren’t working through the course materials), you’ll meet with your clarity coach (virtually) to process what you learn, ask any questions and dive even deeper by applying the principles. These times may be one-to-one meetings or group coaching opportunities, depending on the coaching program you participate in.  

Each week builds upon the last, and you’ll have a chance to implement everything you are learning in real time.  

How cool is that? 

What is the time commitment?

We know you are busy! That’s one reason you neeeeed to figure out how to make every moment count

To get the most out of your 90 day coaching program, expect to invest about 90 minutes each week. This includes time spent learning, coaching AND implementing.

90 minutes a week. 90 days total. Less than 15 minutes day is surely not too much time to spend on  pursuing a life well spent!



How is coaching different than counseling?


  • Can treat mental health conditions
  • Have a degree and are licensed in a related field
  • Are required to adhere to ethical codes

Life Coaches: 

  • Cannot treat mental health conditions
  • Do not need any formal qualifications or academic training
  • Are not required to follow health privacy laws

A life coach should never be considered as a substitute for a mental health professional.

But, a life coach can be ideal for helping to bridge the gap between your current circumstances and the life you want to lead.  Also, accountability is one of the prime advantages of working with a life coach.

Along with providing support and motivation to maintain momentum, 🏃‍♀️ coaches can observe when a client is stuck or help recalibrate goals. Participating in life coaching is a wonderful way to achieve your dreams more quickly and efficiently. 

Why coach with Cristi?

While you won’t receive therapy here, you are sure to receive more than just typical coaching!

Your clarity coach, Cristi, earned a bachelors degree in psychology at North Central University. She’s passionate about people!   Putting her education to good use, she’s spent over 20 years helping people while adhering to strict confidentiality guidelines in the workplace and in the local church.  She’s a trustworthy confidant to many.

Also, for the last two+ decades, Cristi has held various roles in ministry leadership as a pastor’s wife. And, in June of 2021, she became a licensed minister with The Assemblies of God. Together, she and her husband offer pastoral counseling (leaning on Biblical truths, prayer, etc.) for individuals and couples in the church Nathan leads. Cristi jokes that she’s participated in “coffee shop counseling” sessions for years!  She loves to listen, is great at asking questions and isn’t afraid to speak hard truths in love. She’s a Spirit-led pastor and an experienced coach… but not an official counselor.

If there are issues that would be better addressed in counseling, she’ll be sure to refer you. But, the things we’ll deal with, in this program, are perfectly suited for a coaching relationship with Pastor Cristi. 

Hello! I'm Cristi!

I would love to equip YOU for God’s calling on your life.

My big dream is to mobilize a sisterhood of Christian WORLD CHANGERS!

I believe that as you fulfill God’s purposes in your own sphere of influence, in your own special ways… you will change your world!

The calling God has for you in this next chapter of life may look very different from the last.  Family dynamics, career shifts, God-inspired dreams and so much more can really change things up.  

I’d love to help you transition into your next season of God’s calling with godly confidence. Not only that, I can equip you to transition wisely into every future chapter of life, too!


“I come away from conversations with Cristi feeling like I have cleared some cobwebs and can see God, myself, and my life a little more clearly.” 

Sarah Decker


“Working with Cristi CHANGED MY LIFE! I’m not kidding. Everything changed for good!”

Melissa Slack

Business Owner

“I appreciated being given a formula for what will move me forward in God’s purposes… instead of having to figure it all out, myself.” 

Brianna Saxer

Soul Care Facilitator

Gain Clarity. Pursue God’s Calling.  Transform.  Change the World.

The Altered Story hybrid coaching program isn’t JUST clarifying conversations, although you’ll experience plenty of those. Participants receive short, bi-weekly video teachings to watch at their convenience. Plus, the lessons come with simple, fun pdf worksheets that allow for personalized application of everything you learn.

By the end of our 90 day program, you will have created a kind of life instruction manual that is completely personalized for you.  We call it the “Plot Twist Playbook,” and we are sure you’ll want to refer to it for every transition in life and major decision to come!