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Ready For An Altered Story?

It’s never been more fun (or convenient) to be in a book club!

Meet purpose-minded women virtually inside Cristi’s Altered Story Book Club.

Comment in our private group, all month long, chapter by chapter.

Discuss the book during our live zoom book club at the end of the month.

Consider personal Reflection Questions and dive into additional resources, if you wish.

Let’s grow together through reading! 


One Book Per Month

Read about interesting topics that will help you go after God’s Purposes relating to: 

*Spiritual Maturity
*Personal Growth
*Relational Health
*Global Impact

Individual Benefits

Grow personally with Altered Story fun sheets to help you reflect on our topic and on what you are reading

Learn even more through related resources that compliment the month’s book (including podcasts, movies, events, etc.)


Reading Plan

Read one book in one month according to our plan or go at your own pace…

Take advantage of your lifetime access to your book club’s private group (as long as Altered Story exists!) whether you finish before our discussion or not! 

Group Connections

Learn from and contribute to the conversation, chapter by chapter, inside our private group

Download Altered Story’s mobile app to take us with you and connect with your groupies, all month long, at your convenience



We provide everything but the book!

Grab a book to Read from the library, your local book store or Amazon OR Listen on Audible or Libby.

We offer loads of value to help you get the most out of each book, alongside a community of others, but you’ll need to snatch up the book, on your own!

Note: If you’ve never used Audible, we can hook you up with your first audio book for free. Just reach out to Cristi at purpose@alteredstory.com

Book Club Doors Open

Book Club “Doors” open on the 20th for the next month’s book club. Starting then, you can purchase access (from this webpage) to our next month’s book club for $15.

Book Club Doors Close

Book Club “Doors” close on the 5th of the month for our current book.  

Get on our waitlist today so you don’t miss the chance to join us!

New Technology

There is a learning curve if you are new to using the Mighty Networks platform. This is where we host our private Altered Story community (off Facebook).

Playing around and exploring our site will help you feel comfortable posting and finding what you need, in no time. 

Book Club members connect throughout the month. Comment chapter by chapter, as you read. Then, look back at what others are saying when they read as far as you!

We welcome Everyday Christian Leaders to join us inside the Altered Story Sisterhood. 
Sisters receive the Altered Story Bookclub as a BONUS to their membership.
Learn more about the Sisterhood HERE!

September 2020: join us for a book about finishing what you start and experiencing the gift of getting things done! (funny and very helpful… especially for perfectionists!)

October 2020: join us for a book that skips the politics and dives into pursuing God’s heart for racial reconciliation; a perspective shifting read!