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Ready For An Altered Story?


What is Altered Story, exactly?

Altered Story’s online community was created to mobilize Christian women to pursue God’s purposes and enjoy a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

We help you experience positive transformation and authentic community with a group of purpose-driven Leading Ladies, inside our membership and mastermind.

Our philosophy is purpose through intentional relationships. We believe that by inviting special characters into your story, you will grow spiritually, personally, relationally and through meaningful impact.

And, as you alter your own story, we truly believe you can change the world!

p.s. Altered Story is a social impact business.
(Social impact refers to our mission to give a % of profits to the anti-human trafficking cause).


Membership vs. Mastermind?

Our Sisterhood Membership is perfect to help you live with intention and purpose each and every day, goals or no goals! God has many purposes for you, and we want to help you be ready for each one.

Our World Changers Mastermind is geared for action-oriented dream chasers, who benefit from accountability that helps them crush a different goal each and every month. (Masterminders get everything the Sisterhood members get, too!)

Both groups encourage you to choose your own focus, each month: Spiritual, Personal, Relational, Impact, Professional, Health Related… it’s up to you!

What is the structure of the Sisterhood?

Purpose & Community are the foundations of all we do!


We are a virtual community and we provide all the purpose-resources you’ll need, digitally!

You’ll receive creative resources to help you pursue God’s purposes day by day, month by month, year by year. Through email, posts and 1-to-1 chats in our private group, video discussions and more, you’ll stay connected, virtually, to a community of purpose-driven women. 

Since there’s no easy, quick, right answer to everyone’s question, “Why am I here, God?”,  we are structured to support you, individually, as you experience long-term transformation and explore new opportunities to impact others.

Using the same simple resources to help you pursue new intentions each month means that transformation is easier and more convenient that you ever dreamed!

Your Purpose Guide, Cristi, is as close as a quick message. Not to mention that you will always have easy access to a community of women ready to cheer you on and support you!


What's included?

Whether you are signing up to join our Sisterhood through membership or mastermind,  we will make sure you have all you need to succeed!

Our resources include:

*audio messages
*written materials
*digital/printable pdf templates and resources for you to personalize

Everything we provide will equip you to live with purpose, at your pace and in your own way.

And, don’t forget those monthly Zoom Conversations. That’s where we really dive in… and friendships blossom!

…Not to mention the things you will learn from Cristi and your Sisters, all throughout each month! That private group is a goldmine!

Can I access Altered Story on my mobile device?
YES! It’s super easy to access the Altered Story community from your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop or whatever you use, these days!

Mighty Networks hosts our private community. The platform is kind of like Facebook, but without all the drama and distractions. Altered Story content is all you will find when you are in the Altered Story app. So, you can truly focus on purpose and positive transformation!

What is the time commitment?

You are so busy! We know the stress that often comes with leadership. We do NOT want you to feel like you have one more thing to do or to ever feel overwhelmed!

So, being an Altered Story Sister is not about putting in loads of time! It’s more important to  check in consistently  on “all things purpose,” inside our group. You can do this quickly or choose to take your own sweet time.

Daily check ins are so beneficial… We suggest before you go into that other app, you checkin with us! 🙂 You might find you like to hang out a while, anyway!

For the best expereince, we highly recommend:
*Daily check ins (3+ minutes/day)
*Weekly consideration of Purpose Prompts (1-10 minutes/week)
*Monthly intention setting (time invested depends on you! – 15 minutes?)  and
*Our Monthly Sisterhood Zoom Conversation (1 hour/month)

Mastermind Sisters meet additionally for 1-1 1/2 hours each month. These meetings are scheduled, based on the time that works best, monthly, for all members in the group.

We provide specific templates to  help you chase God’s purposes with greater intention. These Mastermind worksheets take about 15 minutes to complete, each month. And we ask you to show up ready to discuss them.

The total time invested and ways you go after your dreams are truly up to you!

When will I have access to my community?

Immediately! Links and details will be sent to the email you use when you purchase.

I don't know what my dream is, yet. Is this for me?

It’s ok if you are confused about or lacking a big dream.  The Sisterhood and the resources we offer were made for you as long as you have a desire to pursue God’s very best for your life. Supporting you, as you go after His purposeS, is our number one aim!

Helping you figure out your “next steps” towards a more meaningful and fulfilling life is our pleasure! As you progress in the Sisterhood, figuring these things out will get easier. I promise!

Inside our Platinum Mastermind, we really focus on monthly goal setting and gaining momentum.  Grow in every area as you choose what to go after, each month: professional, personal, spiritual, relational, physical…any goals you have are just perfect! If you are looking for accountability, we recommend the Mastermind.

Is it easy to change my billing details?

If you need to change your billing details, please go to https://alteredstory.thrivecart.com/updateinfo/

You can change your name, address, phone, payment options and more! Any questions, please email Cristi at purpose@alteredstory.com.

How do I pause or cancel my membership?

We hope you’ll be with us for a long time, but we understand there are seasons for everything. You can cancel your membership or mastermind at anytime.

What I’ll Need From You:
To cancel your Sisterhood membership, all you have to do go HERE and answer the prompts!

What You Can Expect From Me:
Then, I’ll respond through email to touch base with you. (virtual hugs and goodbyes and all that!) 

Logistically, I just need to do a few things on the back end. You should see a notification come through about your billing cancellation, through email within a few days.

Regarding access inside our private group, I will remove you sometime between the time you cancel and before the end of that same month.

However, you are welcome to stay inside our free General Altered Story Community. If you’d like, you can remove yourself, completely, by going into Your Settings; Account; Permanently Delete My Account.

Of course, I hope that someday you’ll consider joining us in the Sisterhood, again! (Current Rates would apply). 

Sometimes a financial hardship or super-crazy experiences can keep us from participating in even the best things in life! You may be finding it difficult to focus on the Sisterhood, and for good reason.

If you decide you need to pause your subscription for circumstances that you hope will pass, we can do that for up to 3 months, as a one time consideration. Your subscription will automatically start up again after a 1, 2 or 3 month timeframe.

Thank you, Sweet One! No matter what might come ahead, please know, I appreciate whatever time we get to share, together.

Helping women like you live with purpose is my favorite thing in life!

Is Altered Story just for Christians?

Our content is largely Bible-based, and we are consistently pointing Leading Ladies to Jesus. As a pastor’s wife in the Christian faith, I just can’t help myself! I talk about God a bunch!

However, we love to connect with women from all stages of the faith journey. If you are ok with hearing a lot about Jesus, then we’d love to welcome you!

We believe that, through God, the impossible can happen. And, with God as the “Holy Ghost-Writer” of our stories,  we believe we can be a part of world-change in even better ways  WITH JESUS than we could ever experience without Him.

Looking For Purpose?

With Altered Story, you won’t simply find your purpose.
You will find a community of women to support you
as you seek all of God’s purposes! 

Email Us!

Do you have a question we didn’t answer, here? Please reach out to Cristi.