A Sisterhood of Christian Leaders Pursuing God’s Purposes Together

Would you like to:

*Experience personal transformation and reach your full potential?

*Fulfill God’s purposes and make a genuine difference in our world?

*Grow healthier, more meaningful relationships?

Sisterhood Membership

Alter Your Story To Change the World!

Experience transformation as you grow spiritually, personally, and relationally —every single month— so you can make a greater difference in your world.

Pursue God’s unique purposes for YOU with more confidence, joy and peace as you move, step-by-step, along your Path to Purpose.

Make the most of every day while enjoying opportunities to connect with amazing women from around the world, sure to shape your life!

You belong here!


World Changers Mastermind

Get in on everything the Sisterhood offers!  PLUS… experience greater accountability  to help you move forward, faster!

Receive more personalized guidance from your Purpose Guide,  Cristi Schroeder, and best practice ideas from a small group of other leaders.

Identify your goals and achieve your dreams, with greater intention… month after month!

Enjoy close connections with your Mastermind Sisters inside your private Mastermind group.

This kind of extra support is sure to propel you towards your dreams, more effectively!

Goal-Getters… Unite!


Daily Access To Private Community

The true life-blood of our community is in our private group. Use Altered Story’s app on mobile or access our group from your laptop.  Engage for just a few minutes each day to stay intentional about moving towards God’s best! (We use the Mighty Networks Platform… NOT Facebook) 

Weekly Motivation

Beyond the daily posts, our Friday Purpose Prompts are meant to help you reflect, consider your realities and dream about your aspirations. Simply comment about these in our group or use your Altered Story Field Journal to dive deeper and write your altering story!  

Monthly Resources

Receive ONE email to start off each month including: a short audio message sure to help you experience a more purpose-filled life (10 min or less) and this month’s Purpose Prompts to foster true personal development. We provide just a handful of pdf tools that you’ll be encouraged to use, month after month, as you focus on different intentions and goals. Simple. Convenient. Not “too much.”

Virtual Connections

All Sisters are invited to discuss purposeful things, during our monthly Sisterhood zoom conversations. Masterminders participate in their own accountability meeting, at a seperate time, each month. Everyone is welcome to join live virtual interviews and other special events, too!  

Why Does Altered Story Focus On Equipping and Connecting Leaders, Specifically?

Leaders face unique challenges. They are often busy helping others with problems, finding solutions, listening and serving.

Altered Story supports, encourages and equips leaders like you to continue making a difference in your world… without stalling your personal dream pursuits or burning out because of everyone else’s needs.

If you are a leader who could benefit from resources and encouragement (without even having to ask!), we’d love to welcome YOU into an Altered Story!

“Listening to a short audio message from Cristi,  each month, helps me set my intentions and get an idea about all we are going to dive into, during our zoom conversation and inside our online group. I get so inspired!”

“The group orientation materials helped me learn how to use the Mighty Networks app so I can check in from my mobile, anytime!” 

“Checking in for a few minutes each day sets the tone for everything else.  I take some time to read through the conversation starters and comments. I love that I’m not distracted by anything else (like on social media platforms). This is time for me to think about God’s purposes.”

“When I read the comments in our private group, I often think, ‘I really resonate with this person.’ Then, I try to learn more about her!”

“It’s been great to meet new people in our group! I love to learn about new things and hear different perspectives. In a negative world, Altered Story truly brings the POSITIVE!”

“I experience growth by seeing other people grow; celebrating their successes is the best!”

“It’s so fun when our conversation builds on itself, each person’s contribution adds a layer of richness and depth to help me understand the topic, and myself, better.”

“I know how some people feel about virtual meetings, these days. But, I am SO thankful that, in a world where I’m separated from so many… I get to stay connected to my Sisters!”

“A group that helps me reach my full potential? Who knew this kind of thing existed? I’m so thankful I found the Sisterhood!” 

“Our weekly Purpose Prompts are a way for me to consider meaningful things, on a regular basis. I’m constantly encouraged to become the best possible version of myself, while at the same time celebrating who God already made me to be. That’s pretty special.”

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Seeking
God's Will

And what Christian leaders should do INSTEAD... so you don't have to look back in:

* 1 year and find yourself stuck in the same place

* 5 years and wonder, "What was it all for?"

* 10 years and question what might have been

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    World Changers Mastermind

    Melissa is a Masterminder whose life was impacted personally and professionally as she chased her goals, alongside her sisters. To hear her full story, go HERE!

    Want to go after YOUR goals with support from Melissa and other goal-getters? We’d love to welcome you inside our Mastermind!

    World Changing begins in your own sphere of influence! Your “ripple effects” impact more people than you’ll ever know! Even if you don’t feel like a world changer… you already are!

    BEFORE the Altered Story Sisterhood…

    I wasn't sure I was ready for God's will

    I asked myself, “Am I really willing to go after this?” I discovered I was finally ready to jump in with my whole heart.

    I wanted to belong

    I needed to find where I fit in; to find where the Lord wanted me in this world; where He wanted me to go and grow.

    I wanted to do something for God

    I wanted to make a difference. To be His hands and feet.

    I was ready for the next step

    I had a feeling there was something bigger than what I was experiencing. I was ready to figure out what that was.

    I Can't wait for What's Ahead

    I’m excited about all the things I am yet to do and be a part of with this Sisterhood.  

    AFTER the Altered Story Sisterhood…

    I have more Peace, Joy & Confidence

    I have peace knowing that each day I can live for God’s purposes, joy as I do it with support from my Sisters and confidence that I really am a part of making an important difference in my world.

    I'm dreaming Again

    I haven’t dreamed for so long. Now, I have a dream. And, I’m ready to go after it!

    I'm Growing

    Altered Story gives me a format to grow in every area of my life! But, growing closer to Jesus is what I’m most thankful for. 

    I'm praising God for Altered Story

    Is it bad to say, “I was lost but now I’m found!”?

    I'm blown away

    The results are more than I could have ever imagined! Month after month, I’m living amazing God adventures!

    Altered Stories

    “I have a lot of people in my life who are passionate about discipleship and leadership; who are grounded in Christ. But, not everyone is passionate for growth. I’ve found that inside the Sisterhood.”

    Brianna Saxer

    Anti-Trafficking Advocate

    “Running my business and raising my boys keeps me busy! With the help of the Altered Story Mastermind, I was able to decrease my hours spent at my restaurant from 60+ hours per week to 15 hours per week! Now, I have more time with my sons and for growing in my faith.” 

    Melissa Slack

    Business Owner

    “When I joined the Altered Story Sisterhood, I had a need to grow and discover who I would be in the next stage of life. I was asking, “Could I be useful in this new season?” Now, I know that the answer is YES.”

    Tammy Bricker

    Ministry Leader

    Join A Community of
    Christian leaders

    Experiencing God’s Purposes

    Alter Your Story.  Change The World.

    What’s keeping you from
    God’s purposes?

    If you have any questions about the Sisterhood or Mastermind, please check out our FAQ page or reach out, today. Our doors open a few times, each year. We’d love to call you “Sis”!

    Cristi Schroeder
    Purpose Guide | Community Builder 

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    7 mistakes leaders often make and what to do instead to discover God's will

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