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Ready For An Altered Story?

Would you like to:

*Experience personal transformation and reach your full potential?

*Fulfill God’s purposes and make a genuine difference in our world?

*Grow healthier, more meaningful relationships?

Sisterhood Membership

Alter Your Story To Change the World!

Experience transformation as you grow spiritually, personally, and relationally —every single month— so you can make a greater difference in your world.

Pursue God’s unique purposes for YOU with more confidence, joy and peace as you move, step-by-step, along your Path to Purpose.

Make the most of every day while enjoying opportunities to connect with amazing women from around the world, sure to shape your life!

You belong here!


Daily Access To A Private Community

The true life-blood of our community is in our private group. Use Altered Story’s app on mobile or access our group from your laptop.  Engage for just a few minutes each day to stay intentional about moving towards God’s best! (We use the Mighty Networks Platform… NOT Facebook) 

Video Chats

Get in on walkie-talkie-styled VIDEO discussions using Marco Polo’s new group app called Channels. Check into our private conversations at your convenience to make meaningful connections with women all around the world! No need to care about time zones, anymore!  


Weekly Motivation

Our weekly small action ideas are meant to help you take steps into the future of your dreams! Quick Win Wednesdays will grow your confidence as you succeed at things on a regular basis, giving you courage to make even bolder moves!

Zoom Connections

All Sisters are invited to join us for occasional, optional Zoom chats. We share in casual conversations,  celebrations and fun opportunities to get to know other women… like our one-to-one breakaways for short conversations – Think speed-dating for new friends- “Sister Style!” 🤣

PDF Resources

Our constantly growing resource library is full of resources, worksheets. and ideas to help you grow and GO towards God’s best for your life, even faster!  

Why Does Altered Story Focus On Equipping and Connecting Leaders, Specifically?

Leaders face unique challenges. They are often busy helping others with problems, finding solutions, listening and serving.

Altered Story supports, encourages and equips leaders like you to continue making a difference in your world… without stalling your personal dream pursuits or burning out because of everyone else’s needs.

If you are a leader who could benefit from resources and encouragement (without even having to ask!), we’d love to welcome YOU into an Altered Story!

.”I enjoy our monthly themes, so much! I can tell I am growing and transforming in ways I never would without this Sisterhood!

“There was a learning curve as I got to know how to use our private group app… but now I love to be able to check in from my mobile, anytime!” 

“Checking in for a few minutes each day sets the tone for everything else.  I take some time to read through the conversation starters and comments. I love that I’m not distracted by anything else (like on social media platforms). This is time for me to think about God’s purposes.”

“When I read the comments in our private group, I often think, ‘I really resonate with this person.’ Then, I try to learn more about her!”

“It’s been great to meet new people in our group! I love to learn about new things and hear different perspectives. In a negative world, Altered Story truly brings the POSITIVE!”

“I experience growth by seeing other people grow; celebrating their successes is the best!”

“It’s so fun when our conversation builds on itself, each person’s contribution adds a layer of richness and depth to help me understand the topic, and myself, better.”

“I know how some people feel about virtual stuff, these days. But, I am SO thankful that, in a world where I’m separated from so many, I get to experience friendship with women ready to connect!”

“A group that helps me reach my full potential? Who knew this kind of thing existed? I’m so thankful I found the Sisterhood!” 

“Altered Story helps me consider meaningful things, on a regular basis. I’m constantly encouraged to become the best possible version of myself, while at the same time celebrating who God already made me to be. That’s pretty special.”

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Seeking
God's Will

And what Christian leaders should do INSTEAD... so you don't have to look back in:

* 1 year and find yourself stuck in the same place

* 5 years and wonder, "What was it all for?"

* 10 years and question what might have been

    We promise to treat you with love and care! We'll never share or sell your info and we are 100% spam-free!

    Altered Stories

    “I have a lot of people in my life who are passionate about discipleship and leadership; who are grounded in Christ. But, not everyone is passionate for growth. I’ve found that inside the Sisterhood.”

    Brianna Saxer

    Anti-Trafficking Advocate

    “Running my business and raising my boys keeps me busy! With help from Altered Story, I was able to decrease my hours spent at my restaurant from 60+ hours per week to 15 hours per week! Now, I have more time with my sons and for growing in my faith.”

    Melissa Slack

    Business Owner

    “When I joined the Altered Story Sisterhood, I had a need to grow and discover who I would be in the next stage of life. I was asking, “Could I be useful in this new season?” Now, I know that the answer is YES.”

    Tammy Bricker

    Ministry Leader

    Join A Community of
    Christian leaders

    Experiencing God’s Purposes

    Alter Your Story.  Change The World.

    What’s keeping you from
    God’s purposes?

    If you have any questions about the Sisterhood or Mastermind, please check out our FAQ page or reach out, today. Our doors open a few times, each year. We’d love to call you “Sis”!

    Cristi Schroeder
    Purpose Guide | Community Builder